When was the last time you listened to music?


Beyond the catchy jingle on the commercial or the car playing music outside of your window, when was the last time you listened and connected with the musician, the instruments, and the final sound of their collaborative efforts?

In a follow-up to our August Redefining Community event, TEDxPhiladelphia is taking a deeper look into how to build and maintain relationships during this tumultuous year. Our last event for 2020, TEDxPhiladelphia welcomes guests to explore their relationship with music. Whether it’s listening to it during a walk or creating it in a basement, music’s ability to travel beyond its musical notes and into our ears may be the shared experience we’ve needed to keep us connected for the remainder of the year.

We’ll premier a pre-recorded TEDx talk from Jessica Zweig, program director for Play on Philly, that will delve into the shared experiences that music creates and guests will split up into interactive, breakout sessions to explore the theme further.

Join TEDxPhiladelphia on December 10 at 6pm and discover the power of listening to music together