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Vinita Chandra Mody is the founder of Stroma Physical Therapy, a boutique practice in New York City. Vinita decided to open her own practice when she developed a following of loyal patients who attested to the benefits of her unique therapeutic style. She founded ICT by Stroma™ which is a vascular, neural and myofascial technique after years of working with patients and sensing body pulses and their link to symptomatic relief. Through dedication, curiosity and commitment, she developed a strategic Ischemic Conditioning methodology to perform "mini-occlusions" throughout the body. Her love of healing those suffering from injury and her passion for deep study enabled her to develop a systematized method to train others in this way. With ICT, patients recover when there is injury present, patients are protected when injury is looming, and practitioners have an opportunity to change the lives of those who trust them with the warmth of their hands.